Innovating early education

Ninos sparks holistic growth through play and values like curiosity and innovation. We’re pioneering preschool education, driven by research and real-world needs.


We delved deep into the world of early childhood education, conducted user tests, ensured data security, and closely monitored industry trends. By researching user needs, analyzing competitors, and gathering feedback, we identified the key challenges to address in the subsequent design and development phases. This exploration was the compass guiding our quest for excellence in preschool education.


We honed our vision by identifying the specific needs of educators, parents, and young learners. This phase was all about shaping a clear and purposeful direction for our preschool application, ensuring it aligns perfectly with our mission to transform early education.


Understanding and catering to the needs of preschool children posed a distinct challenge. We focused on creating an app that is intuitive, engaging, and safe for little users, striking a balance between fun and educational content to keep them excited about learning.

Wireframe design


We creatively solved issues related to appointment booking and live consultations, resulting in a streamlined and user-friendly United Care Doctor App. This successful launch marked the achievement of an optimal user-centric healthcare solution, benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals.


We achieved several milestones. Our user-centric interface prioritizes accessibility and functionality, seamlessly integrating play-based learning with holistic child development. Robust data security ensures a safe environment, while adaptability and innovation position us at the forefront of early education.

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